1 of 52 // The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie

Bake Date: 1/7/2015

Cookie 1 of 52

Our first batch of Chocolate Chip cookies, “The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie”

When Velma arrived, people asked me what the first thing I would bake would be.  The answer was simple.  The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie.  I did not name this cookie.  If I named it, I would call it …hm.  The ‘Don’t Ask” cookie.  Or, “The Closer” Cookie.  Something that implies it may not be the best for you, but dang they are good.

This is my go-to cookie.  The secret ingredient keeps it crisp and flaky.  These are the most amazing cookies.  In cookies or as a bar, yes, yes and yes!  Give me more!

You can try these yourself … the recipe is here.  Please tell me what you think!



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