Panera // Chocolate Chip Cookie

My sister in law thinks I should start a cookie blog, so I will try it. It’s likely to get more posts than the vintage dresses I wanted to post.

I realize that I need to come up with some sort of rating system. In an ideal cookie, I consider the following: (1) color (2) the center (3) texture (4) softness and (5) overall flavor, so I will start with that until I can come up with something better.

While visiting Savannah Georgia, I tried the Panera Chocolate Chip Cookie. I am sure they are the same at every Panera. We were walking around and it was hot and I just needed a cookie. It was soft, had lots of chips and did not disappoint. I ended up sharing with my family and we all thought it was a pretty good cookie!
(1) Color : golden brown!
(2) Center: soft and barely baked, just how I like it.
(3) Texture: good! You could taste the butter.
(4) Softness: really good.
(5) Overall: super tasty. Generous size. Would eat again


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