5 Minute Protein Bites

These were done so quickly I didn’t have time to take pictures!

Ready – Set — GO —!
We’ve been talking about easy snack options to have that are on the healthy side and found these little energy-protein bites.

They mix up super easy – Velma made this a breeze – and I used a large cookie scoop to make the bite size portions.

Most of what I used. The recipe provided organic and GF options, too.
We used almond butter and did need to add more than the recipe called for.

The result:   YUM!!  These are just the right amount of sweet while still feeling like you are eating something good for yourself.  The honey is evident.  Ours are a little crumbly so I am thinking next time, smaller bites + more butter.

You can find the recipe and try it here.  


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