Three Things I Find Helpful to Save Time in the Kitchen

Its been a little over a year since AJ and I got married (Woo!), and we’ve worked hard to prioritize time together – That can be tricky when we both work full time and have 1.5 hour commutes in opposite directions. Simple things, like grocery shopping and making meals cut into the few hours we have together each week. If you are in a similar “Face Time” battle with your family, here are three small things we have found helpful to maximize both, and keep it all as low-stress as possible.

1 . Ralph’s Click List


As I mentioned, with both AJ and I working full time, and with our commutes, the idea of going grocery shopping for our weekly food items feels daunting. When I get home, I just want to sit on the couch, and hang out with my husband. Click List is great, because we can build our grocery list throughout the week, and then schedule the pick up time. This frees up at least an hour or more of our time each week! I’ll take it. As a bonus, Ralph’s will waive the service fee for the first year. And, if you are open to substitutions, we have often saved money when things are unavailable and they make a small change to our list. The only downside I have found is that I am not able to wander the isles and find new snacks to try out.

2. Crock-Pot


Don’t worry “This is Us” fans; Crock-Pot has released a statement reassuring us that they are super safe to be on while you are not home. Pictured is the model we have, and its been so helpful in freeing up meal prep time and also in meal planning. We are able to make a big pot of something tasty and have meals for the week. There are so many tasty recipes out there on the Internets, and even more ideas on what to freeze in baggies for future crock pot meals.

Level up and consider a model with a timer setting. Total game changer!

3. Pyrex


Working with the Meal Planning and the Crock-Pot are these Pyrex 3-Cup storage containers. We bought ten – five for each of us to last the work week – and when the crock pot is finished cooking, the meal is divided into these little guys so during the week, we can just grab a container and head out to work. These hold (for us) the perfect amount of food for one meal – enough for a protein and one or two sides, depending on what we made. Even if the meal was not made in the crock-pot, these work great for leftovers, or any other meal planning you do as a family.

Do you have a kitchen trick that give you more time with your family? Please share it!


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