Brains Brownies

Bake Date: 8/30/15


Is anyone else getting excited for The Walking Dead season that will be starting in October?  With Fear the Walking Dead warming us up, I have gotten a little carried away with learning how to make brains out of frosting.  At lunch last week, telling a coworker about the Nutella buttercream frosting in my last post, we started brainstorming possible future options to get more practice.  We came up with these bite size BRAIN BROWNIES!!

I took mostly shortcuts for this because it’s hot and I am tired … That said …

The brownies are from a box.  I got a silicone brownie mat that makes the little bites.  It made 24 squares (the whole box mix) and is really easy to use.

I googled “raspberry sauce” and picked the easiest one. Made on the stove with fresh berries.  I didn’t have the strainer it called for so I used my sifter.  (I am hoping I didn’t ruin it! )

The frosting is a tub  from the store, with some food coloring.  I piped it using my new Wilton supplies.

The final touch is that sword, a la Michione, which I found on Amazon for two day delivery.

What do you think?  What are your favorite treats to eat while watching FEAR the Walking Dead?

Stirring the raspberry sauce on the oven.
straining the seeds out of the sauce.

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