Devils Food + Nutella Buttercream

This weekend, the premier of FEAR the Walking Dead was upon us, and I got the idea in my head to make this again.  Last time I tried it, I dropped it on the ground, but still ate it.  I went the cupcake route so I would be less likely to drop the plate.

I think about Nutella all the time.  So, I think about this frosting a lot, too.  Mm, it’s so good.  I got some Wilton frosting bags and watched some YouTube videos on how to assemble the bags and use the tips.  I was going for a “brains” look, but gave up after the first one.  I am going to find ways to practice more.

These cupcakes turned out great – a great buttercream frosting and a soft, moist cake.    This is going into book as a standard.    You can try it here. Let me know how it turns out!



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