Box Cupcakes

Bake Date: 10/18/15 
Some one said the word “cupcake” this weekend and I couldn’t stop thinking about that idea!  But, I was short on time and energy, so just got a box cake and a tub of frosting after church on Sunday.

Honestly, I nearly didn’t make these with Velma, I had never made a box cake using her before and I kinda forgot!  But, I changed my mind mid-pour of the dry pouch and moved over to my green machine.  It was so much faster than mixing by hand – I don’t know what I was thinking!

I used a measuring cup to pour into the cup cakes, and followed the instructions on the box.

I put the tub of frosting in a Wilton bag and piped it on, so it looked like maybe I tried a little, and then sprinkled the chocolate jimmies on top.

Hit the spot!


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