Beet Chocolate Cake

On a recent episode of The Walking Dead, Carol made some interesting cookies with Acorns and Beets.   It reminded me of the chocolate cake we used it have in school ~ It was so delicious and hiding inside was … you guessed it … Beets!  

After you add the beets, it looks like maybe it curdled.   But rest assured, all is well. 

The final batter is a beautiful color.  Dark cocoa colored with a hit of red. 

Divided into two pans for a layered cake …

Once out of the oven and cooled, I used my new spatula.  Man!  Frosting a cake with it is SO MUCH easier! 

A few party sprinkles on top and it’s ready to eat! 

Try the recipe here and tell me what you think!  (I think it can’t be “beet”!) 



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