A Little Change

Adventures with Velma started a few years ago when I finally owned my own kitchen aide mixer, a dream come true!  I love baking, I love sweets, and I have spent a lot of time baking all sorts of wonderful treats.   

I went on a mission to find the best chocolate chip cookie … was willing to try a different recipe each week for a year … and found my dream cookie in what is now called “#27”.  I love this cookie so much, I keep frozen scooped ready to go in the freezer at all times.   I also love that this cookie shares my favorite number.  

Since then I have gotten married and my husband doesnt eat sweets, so my normal baking schedule has gone way down.  Most sweet treats are for showers and birthdays, not so much for household consumption.  

We have been adventuring the world of slow cookers and meal planning.  Monday through Friday, we are both home very little but I still want to have something satisfying for us as a dinner option.  

So, I’m thinking to move this blog over to what we are making for dinners, what we like, and what comes up along the way.    There will still be some baking (I can’t not!), but just wanted to give a heads up as the direction here changes a little. 

xo SJ


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