17 of 52 // Chocolate Chip Toffee Cookies

Bake Date: 7/25/15

Cookie 17 of 52

IMG_9288Its been a few weeks since I baked.  I have been out of town, and then exhausted when I get home.  Last Sunday, I was walking through the baking aisle at the grocery store, and I saw a bag of HEATH toffee chips, which I thought looked pretty good.  There was a birthday party on the calendar, so I decided to make my own cookie and throw the toffee chips into a batch.  I made the dough on Monday night and set aside in the freezer until today, so they would be nice a fresh.

I used the Kitchenaid cookie as the base (Cookie #13), refrigerated for a week, and used my new “small” cookie scoop.  (All cookies posted before this use the “medium” scoop. )

Also, I discovered that if cookie dough is living in my freezer, I will eat a cookie everything I walk through the kitchen.

Which reminds me, I left some in the freezer …


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